About the artist:

Maren Wolf

Art has always been a very therapeutic outlet for Maren. As a child growing up in a suburb outside of Philadelphia she was surrounded by nature, culture, architecture, murals and a plethora of inspiration. Later she went on to college at Arizona State University receiving a bachelors of fine arts in painting and drawing. Post college she continued her course work in Art therapy and continual applies these benefits to her teaching. In 2013 Maren was looking for a new art experience. After becoming a Mom she missed daily adult interaction. The opportunity to teach adults in a fun relaxed setting was perfect. For the past six years Maren has taught acrylic painting classes at Paint N Vineyard. During this time she instructed adults, kids and families from all over the world. Maren continues to ignite a creative spark that keeps her students inspired. Maren realized that teaching Painting is her Super Power!